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AT FORT – Atelier European fortresses Midterm event and atelier on landscaping and spatial planning

The eleven partners of the Interreg IV-C project At Fort – Atelier European fortresses: powering local sustainable development, invited by the Vauban Network , will meet in Besançon from 10 to 12 June. These important fortified sites , under the lead of the New Dutch Waterline, share the firm belief that preservation of these sites, coupled with their economic exploitation can only be achieved by creative and shared ideas, building on an exchange of experiences.

Encouraging mid term results
More than sixty participants discussed the midterm results of the project, which started in December 2012 and will run until December 2014. It aims at exchanging knowledge and good practices multifunctional reuse of fortified sites, following the motto „preservation trhrough development”.

Jean-Louis Fousseret, président of the Vauban Network: « We are very proud of hosting our European partners in Besançon. The debates and shared experiences on urban planning of our fortified towns and landscapes are very inspiring and challenging for all of us. By fostering new functions we can garantee handing over this fortified heritage to the next generations.»

Peter Ros, on behalf of the Leadpartner, stresses: "Fortifications, originally built in historical contexts of conflict, now contribute to European cooperation. Reuse of military heritage is a very current topic in the whole of Europe. By this project we try to find creative solutions together for this challenge".

Atelier on landscaping and urban planning: reinforcing the link between the city and its fortifications
How can we visually and physically connect the fortified heritage and the urban landscape? How can fortified sites strenthen urban renewal? In which ways vegetation can interact in safeguarding and enhancing this particular heritage? Which creative solutions and partnerships can contribute to maintenance and development? These have been some of the matters of discussion during the atelier, with various contributions amongst which the experiences of the citadel of Spandau, the Quality team of the New Dutch Waterline, and the Maltese fortifications.
The partners were also very interested in the original partnerships for maintenance at the Citadel of Besançon, in particular with the 19th Engineering Regiment for acrobatical interventions and with the ADDSEA foundation of social rehabilitation.
The partners will evaluate in the next few months how to tailor these inspiring examples to their own particular needs, in order to foster new adaptative reuse in the European fortresses and stimulate an integrated approach for development of the urban fortified landscape of tomorrow.