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A masterpiece of mountain fortifications

Perched on a rocky spur, 1326 metres high, the town of Briançon is in a strategic position where five valleys meet, and stands out as a unique site.
Vauban’s plan was to surround the town with ramparts spread out vertically and to crown it with forts, thus rendering it impregnable. On the basis that the enemy was surely Christian, Vauban set his majestic collegiate church on the most exposed bastion, secure in the knowledge that the enemy would never dare attack it.

From 1713 to 1734, the plans left by the famous engineer were followed with exact precision: the town wall stretched out over almost 3 kilometres and the high slopes were covered with forts and defensive works : the Randouillet Fort, Trois-Têtes Fort, Dauphin Fort and Salettes redoubt. The movements of the men were also planned for with the construction of the Asfeld Bridge and communication Y.

This majestic and imposing site leads us to a better understanding of Vauban’s genius in adapting to the terrain, breaking away from the fortification systems previously constructed.

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