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The Paris-Belleville National School of Architecture (L’Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris Belleville: Ensa-pb) has committed to a long-term partnership with the Vauban Network. The agreement was signed by Jean Pierre Bobenriether, the Director of the School, and Jean-Louis Fousseret, President of the Vauban Network, in 2009. Through this collaboration, an “Architecture Centre” for teaching and research has been established. In practical terms, this partnership has led to the organisation of architectural studios at the Network sites and of an annual field trip, and to the creation of a research and development section.

The FMR workshop is actively involved in Vauban Network activities, through Nicolas Faucherre, Professor of History of Art at the University of Nantes. He is an archaeologist and historian specializing in fortifications and also the Network’s scientific expert. He was in charge of the scientific analysis for the nomination project and currently acts as a consultant to towns in the framework of their management, protection and enhancement policies for fortified heritage.