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NGOs / Associations

The Association Vauban, presided by Alain Monferrand, is an honorary member of the Network. It is dedicated to the knowledge of the work of Vauban and enhancement of connected historical resources, and to developing and promoting French fortified heritage, from citadels built by Vauban’s immediate predecessors to works on the Maginot line.
The Association Vauban forms a link between local associations with the same aims and fortified towns. Each year it organises a conference and study trip abroad.

The Association des Biens Français du Patrimoine Mondial (The Association for French Properties on the World Heritage List) was established in 2007 and brings together managers and representatives from the 33 listed French properties, public services, and interested nominated sites.
The aim of the association is to allow the exchange and sharing of knowledge regarding heritage conservation, protection, enhancement and management as well as organising activities. The Vauban Network has been a member of the association since 2008. It is an active participant in many discussion sessions, notably concerning the implementation of management plans.

The International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) is an international non-governmental organisation made up of professionals, representatives from local authorities, businesses and associations who work for the conservation and enhancement of architectural and landscape heritage throughout the world. It acts as a consultant to the World Heritage Center. The Vauban Network has been a member of ICOMOS-France, the ICOMOS French national committee established in 1965, since 2009.

The International Scientific Committee on Fortifications and Military Heritage (IcoFort) was established by the ICOMOS International Executive Committee in 2005. Its mission is to promote the knowledge of historical resources concerning fortified heritage and to encourage the preservation and maintenance of fortifications, military and naval structures, fortress landscapes and other objects and sites connected with military heritage.