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New tourist guide in the « Vauban major sites » collection

Camaret-sur-Mer: The Vauban tower "Guard of the Armorican coasts"

Standing proud at the very end of an offshore bar, the Camaret-sur-Mer tower was built by Vauban between 1689 and 1696. As part of a complete system defending the Brest bottleneck and its arsenal-harbour, it had its test of fire on 18th June 1694, an event for which it received its title of “Guard of the Armorican coasts”.
As it gradually lost its military functions in the 19th and 20th centuries, the gilded tower became a source of inspiration for many artists. Thanks to an active conservation policy it has become today a must-see cultural and tourist venue and is the starting point for the fortifications Route of the Crozon peninsula.
Available in English and French
Républicain Lorrain Editions, size 15 x 21 cm, 51 pages, bound cover, 7,90€, ISBN 978-2- 901647-19-5, September 2014

The collection
In 2013 the Vauban Network in partnership with the Républicain Lorrain editor started a touristic guides’ collection of Vauban’s major sites. These books combining both scientific and touristic information give visitors all the keys to discover this heritage and to understand the main characteristics of the 12 major sites inscribed on the World Heritage List.

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