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New tourist guide in the « Vauban major sites » collection

The Citadel of Arras, a stronghold in the “pré carré”

The construction of a citadel in Arras started in 1668 by order of Louis XIV. Strategically located on the north-eastern border of the kingdom of France, Arras had been coveted since time immemorial. As always, Vauban, the engineer, strove to make the best use of the existing terrain and therefore designed a pentagonal citadel. The buildings were constructed to an orthogonal plan, defended by ditches filled with water. In 1678, the citadel was incorporated into the second line of the “pré carré” system which he developed to defend France. Over the centuries, the citadel housed a succession of different Engineering regiments; each one modified the citadel to suit their needs. The citadel remained in military use until 2009, when it became the property of the Urban Community of Arras. It is now gradually being developed as an integral part of the town, a real district rich in outstanding natural and cultural heritage, with its unique history.

Available in English and French
Républicain Lorrain Editions, size 15 x 21 cm, 51 pages, bound cover, 7,90€, ISBN 978-2- 901647-22-5, January 2015

The collection
In 2013 the Vauban Network in partnership with the Républicain Lorrain editor started a touristic guides’ collection of Vauban’s major sites. These books combining both scientific and touristic information give visitors all the keys to discover this heritage and to understand the main characteristics of the 12 major sites inscribed on the World Heritage List.


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